Update 102 lol

Wow its been soooo long since my last post! Well alot has happen since my last post. I have started school well a math class, also I rode the train 5 hrsfor the first time to Bakersfield to see Brayden and some friends:) then Brayden and family came all the way from Bakersfield to see me:) We went to San Francisco (Brayden and Bro. Frost both got scared by the bush man hehehehe), Old Sac, and did alot of stuff!!! It was so much fun! Now, Ayla and I rode an 8hr train tovisit my mom in cold snowy Oregon!! Yes it is snowing in MAY!!!!
Well so far thats all I have been up too! Sorry to all my viewers that I have neglected my blog but life is busy!!
So for without further to do I will say till next time:)


My Weedend....

Well a lot of you know where I went this weekend but for those who don't, I went to Disneyland with some incredible people!!! :) On Friday morning I boarded the Amtrak at like 6:30am and left headed to Bakersfield Ca by 6:40am!!!

The train ride was good and pretty quiet till Fresno lol after we stopped in Fresno it got really loud!! Finally at almost noon, I arrived in warm Bakersfield!!! After being on a train for 5hrs and seeing nothing but open fields and vineyards, the sight of the city was very nice!! Well when I got off the train I found out that i was almost 15min's early and Brayden was running late!!!! So I waited for like 15-20min's till him and his sisters got there!!

For lunch we went to the famous Subway and ate a yummy meal!! After our yummy meal, we went seeming like to every store in Bakersfield lol Then around i believe 4ish, we made it to the Frosts house and unloaded the car (well Brayden did) and we went in and played with the daycare kids for awhile!!!!!!

Then after a few hrs we got dressed and went to the church and dropped Brianna off for there High school Banquet and Brayden, Areamy, and I met Jessi at the skating rink and skated from 8 till 11! We had a BLAST skating! Brayden fell like 3 times but only claims 2 lol

Saturday was the day we went to Disneyland!!!!!!!! We got up around 6:30 or 7am and got dressed and loaded the car and we planned to leave 8 and didn't leave till around 9 lol Brayden and Tyler got to the Frosts house around 7:30 for breakfast and to help out.

Well when we finally did leave it was Bro and Sister Frost upfront, Tyler and Brayden in the middle, and Briana, Areamy, and myself in the back. From their house Disney was about 3hrs away and so with Krispy Cream and food stops, we got to the park around 1:30.

When we got there it was soo hot!!!! I wore boots and good thing I brought sandals cause once we got into California Adventures I changed my shoes!!!!! lol

Well the first ride was Soaring Over California and in our group there was 11 people all together. So when we were in the line getting ready to go in, they show a video of what the "rules" were and one was you had to put your belt through a strap if you didn't reach the height mark, and when they said that Bro. Frost looked at me with a big grin saying like do you reach it!!!! lol So mean!!!!! lol So needless to say I was the front of the jokes this week!!!

So to make a long story short, on Sunday we went to Disneyland all day and on Monday headed home after we made a detour to the beach!!!! Then on Tuesday morning Brayden took me to the train station, and at 7:15 my trained pulled out of Bakersfield homeward to Sacramento!!

I only have one pic from my phone from this weekend and its of me and Brayden:) but more are coming soon hopefully hehe



Wow alot has gone on since I last updated!!!! Well lets see, Thanksgiving was soo good!!! My parents made an awesome dinner!!! Hmmmmm then we went ice skating down in San Francisco with some new friends that we met in Oakland. We had an incredible Christmas service with Bishop Young down in Oakland, Ca. After that was CHRISTMAS!!!!!! One of my favorite times of the year!! We had a very relaxing Christmas and thanksgiving we shared with family and friends!!! Then for new yrs Lexi, Gabby, Ashley, Brittany, Whitney, myself, and our own Mother Goose (aka Sheila Haddox) went to a youth conference in Bakersfield, Ca called 2:38 Connection!!!! Let me tell you, it was an incredible experience!!! Bro Joel Buxton and Bro Wade Bass preached some omw just awesome messages!!!!!!! I am encouraging everyone that can to attend next yrs 2:38 conference its a total life changing experience not only the services but the fellowship of meeting new ppl from different churches!! Well also with going to the conference I did get to see my friends and had fun with them also!! On sat we were invited to Bro and Sis Frosts house for lunch and just to have some fun before the long trip home. We had a total blast lets just say that......here are some pics and a video
Brayden and Bro Frost

Our Group Pic

Whit being crazy

Awe Lexi.....

Laughing at Whit

Our host lol Sis Frost and Whit
Areamy, Whit, and Savanah
Another Group Pic
Hehe Pillow Fight anyone??
The starting of the fight!!!
hehe so much fun!!!!!
Ok so this is our dear sweet Whit beating up Brayden with a pillow!!!! haha


Happy Halloween

Today is Friday the 30th the day before Halloween!!! Today is also going to be a GREAT day cause I have two dear friends that are arriving in Elk Grove this afternoon!!!!! Also tonight is our annual TRGYC Rocktober fest at a secret location!!!! Im excited for tonight and for this weekend! ;) So thats all for my little updated post!!!!

P.S. See all you tonight!!!!



Aloha my friends!!! I am back from the great Island of Hawaii!!!! I had alot of fun from snorkling in the bay to touching a sea turtle to even jet skiing!!!! We also went to a Luau and learned Hawaiian games and dances!!! I will post pics asap! :) So for my friend Kelsey, I'll try ti be quick :) hehe
So as they say on Hawaii Aloha and Mahalo!!!!!


Shopping With Angel....

Well the other day Lexi and I went shopping at winco with Angel , and well the cart got really heavy and we decided to be a little creative....lol

Me and Lexi.....guess which one!! Hehe


Hello World :)

I am still alive world!!!! lol Alot has been going on in my little life!!!!! First, I am saving money for HAWAII!! (I gladly am accepting donations at this time hehe) we are leaving in 29 days!!!!!!!!!! I have been hanging out with my sissy Angel ;) I also went to Bakersfield with Lexi and Ashley Smith to hear a certain Austin Stewart "talk" well preach at their youth service, which was incredible!!!! Lets see what else.... oh ya, I was able to attend InTune this passed weekend which mike and the staff did a great job!!!!! My sister and I have been semi looking for a job. lol We have been busy making TONS of cookies!!!!! We got into a flour war on thursday!!! (for pics of the war, look on missionsangel.blogspot.com) and I am waiting for the day the weather decides to start getting cold cause I am tired of summer!!!! I WANT TO GO ICE SKATING!!! lol thats all I have been talking about since oh June lol -just ask lexi- hehe
Well I guess thats all for now!!!
Till I post again lol