Update 102 lol

Wow its been soooo long since my last post! Well alot has happen since my last post. I have started school well a math class, also I rode the train 5 hrsfor the first time to Bakersfield to see Brayden and some friends:) then Brayden and family came all the way from Bakersfield to see me:) We went to San Francisco (Brayden and Bro. Frost both got scared by the bush man hehehehe), Old Sac, and did alot of stuff!!! It was so much fun! Now, Ayla and I rode an 8hr train tovisit my mom in cold snowy Oregon!! Yes it is snowing in MAY!!!!
Well so far thats all I have been up too! Sorry to all my viewers that I have neglected my blog but life is busy!!
So for without further to do I will say till next time:)

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