Shopping With Angel....

Well the other day Lexi and I went shopping at winco with Angel , and well the cart got really heavy and we decided to be a little creative....lol

Me and Lexi.....guess which one!! Hehe


Hello World :)

I am still alive world!!!! lol Alot has been going on in my little life!!!!! First, I am saving money for HAWAII!! (I gladly am accepting donations at this time hehe) we are leaving in 29 days!!!!!!!!!! I have been hanging out with my sissy Angel ;) I also went to Bakersfield with Lexi and Ashley Smith to hear a certain Austin Stewart "talk" well preach at their youth service, which was incredible!!!! Lets see what else.... oh ya, I was able to attend InTune this passed weekend which mike and the staff did a great job!!!!! My sister and I have been semi looking for a job. lol We have been busy making TONS of cookies!!!!! We got into a flour war on thursday!!! (for pics of the war, look on missionsangel.blogspot.com) and I am waiting for the day the weather decides to start getting cold cause I am tired of summer!!!! I WANT TO GO ICE SKATING!!! lol thats all I have been talking about since oh June lol -just ask lexi- hehe
Well I guess thats all for now!!!
Till I post again lol