Its been sooo long since I updated!! Sorry I have been really busy as you will read!!!!!

Well alot of you know, my little brother (Christopher) was is in the hospital for being very dehydrated. He got a flu virus along with my dad, and my other two brothers. Well my mom noticed that he hadn't really eatin or even drinkin in about 3 days!!! So, she rushed him to the nearest hospital which was Sutter Memorial, and of course, I wasn't even in town I was at the Acts 2:38 confrence (which was AWESOME). My sister (Ayla) text me and told me that they had taken my little brother to the hospital. So I was like FREAKIN out she didnt give me alot of detals, sooo all I could do is pray and wait till I got home to hear the detals.

So on Saturday, we (Lexi, Gabby, Brittney, Mother Goose AKA Sis. Shelia Hadox, and I) left little o'l Bakersfield headed homeward bound.
We got back in Sacramento about 8 or 9 something (I forgot lol) we dropped the girls off , and Sis. Shelia took me to the hospital where I met up with my family, also Bro. Matt Jones and Pastor Young. I got filled in finally.....well a little at least. We stayed up at the hospital with Chris and my mom for a few hours till about 12:30 or so, then we went home.
This continued everyday, going up in the morning and leaving late at night. Its really tiring and exhausting going to a hospital every day!!! Well the days went on and Chris had been there for almost a week, he had a lot of tests done to him such as a Colonoscopy, a Upper GI, and he also had a tube going down his nose. Then to make matters worse, he now has a prik-line in his arm. A PICC line for you that dont know is a tube like thing that is in the vain in his arm which leads to his heart. He has to be hooked up to this mobile machine that is in a backpack for 18 hrs a day, from 6pm to 11:30am.
So back to my story, he got the PICC line I think on wednesday and wasn't able to come home for even longer now!!!!! Well, he wasn't too happy about that!!! To get his mind off of the prior tragedy, ppl came to visit him, and also he forgot about his room mate.
His room mate is 9 and his name is Cole. He has the same thing as Chris but a lot worse. He was here for a major surgry on his intestents. So they got along good.
Well to make a long story short, Chris was able to come home Saturday afternoon and is doing incredably good!!!!! He has a blog site, just click on the blogsite link and it will go straight there. There are a few pics when he first went in and some a few days before he came home. Thank you for praying for him I really believe he is here today only by Gods grace and the prayers of all yal!!!!!!
chris when he first got there

Bro. Young and us praying for Chris

Chris a few days before he came home he's playing a game