Blogger Game

~Instructions~1. Post 5 completely RANDOM facts about yourself
2. Tag someone else by listing the name of their blog(along with your 5 RANDOM facts) and saying "TAG! Your it! I want to know 5 Random facts about you!!"
3. The person who has been tagged must then repeat instructions
1-2.LET'S PLAY!!!!OK. Starting with 5 RANDOM facts about me.
#1. I luv hanging out with friends
#2. I LUV monkeys
#3. Im going to be related to Sarah!! eww lol luv ya
#4. I graduate in December from HIGH SCHOOL!!
#5. I like Bright colors http://www.lexikrichardson.blogspot.com Lexi TAG YOUR IT!!!


Happy Birthday!!

Hey everyone!! I know its been a few weeks since I last posted but I was out of town and was REALLY busy! Well i was wondering who all had a B-day in August?! So if you have a B-day this month or if you knoe of someone that has one this month!

Happy Birthday to......

  • Grandma Stein
  • Ayla
  • Becky Holmes
  • Tori McCool
  • Lewis Holmes

and the rest of you!!