Back From Peak 09!!

Peak 09 was incredible!!!! Although I had a very long trip there, with tires blow out to stuck over 20hrs away with a car that wouldn't start!! But after driving 20hrs straight, we all made it in one piece thank you JESUS!!!! I missed Wed night due to coming into Tulsa when church ended lol but I was able to attend Thurs morning threw Fri night!! Sorry that I didn't take any pics, I kept on leaving my camera in the hotel room!!!!! lol But next yr I advise EVERYONE to go!! The preaching was amazing Bro Morton preached on Thursday morning (but I didn't catch the title of the sermon) but it was awesome!! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night Bro Stringfellow preached really good and everyone responded to the preaching!!! It was incredible!!!!! Then our very own pastor Myles Young preached Fri morning about A Wind, A Whale, and A Worm!! Although he just preached it at our church, he made it seem like I had never heard it before! He talked about the youth being stubborn like Solomon!!!! Lets say it was a very sacred morning!!!!
But other than the preaching, I had a total BLAST!!!! Cant wait till Peak 2010!!!!
The dates for Peak next yr are July 21-23.



P. Pentecostal
E. Experience
A. Action
K. Knowledge

Well Peak is arriving very fast, and I am SO excited because this year I am able to go!!!! We are leaving (driving out) very early Tuesday morning like 5!!!!!!! Its about a 26 hr drive in a car with other ppl...it is very hard to sleep!!!!!!!!!! But 26 hrs is nothin, we drove all the way to Ohio and its a 3-4 day trip depending on which way you go.

We are going to be taking freeway I 80 (I think) through NV, then on to UT, CO, KS, then arriving in the OK state!!! Its a long trip pray for me!!! lol
I cant wait to hear some AWESOME preaching, and meet some AWESOME young ppl!!!!!! I hope this Pentecostal experience will radically change my life in incredible ways!!!! I cant wait to see what God is going to do in my life!!!!!!