No Limits and the Jones

Ok so No Limits this year was totally AWESOME!!!!!! (Can I getta witness?) LOL The services, the preaching, the COFFEE, and even down to the fellowship was incredible! I a so privileged to be able to enjoy this experience, and not even leave my home town!!!!! God is sooooo good!!!!!!! Thank you to all the ppl who has made this experience worth it!!!!!!

Soo, on a different note......Two of my bustiest friends who I have known since toddlers (well court and I are in the same age goup, and vince and bek) came to see me all the way from stinky o'l Germany!!!! lol They were privileged to attend my 18th birthday, and drive with me in my spotless car!! lol (far from spotless with certain munchkins with me....no names mentioned) We took pics, but they have some up so you can look there. I may put some up if they promise not to steal them lol

I am sooo sad they left, but I know in a few months....Ero Disney!!!!! Plus I talk to them everyday so its not that hard!!!!! But other than that, we had alot of fun remembering old times......Well thats all for now :)