I know you all are wondering "what is C.O.D.E?" Well I'll define it for you:

C- conference

O- of

D- drama

E- evangelism

I did not get the chance to go to code these past two years (sniff,sniff), but I was able to go in 2005 and also 2006, and they changed my life!! The classes, the GREATEST teachers of drama in the world, and the opportunity to meet new friends!! Its not just drama, there is an incredible move of the holy ghost after!! People have gotten the holy ghost after the drama's are finished! This is what my friend said about code this year;

"it was the bomb for reals, people seriously prayed through and prayed till like 2:00 in the morning"

Thank you to Bro. Cantrell, Bro. Vick, Bro. Tiller, and My Dad for teaching me to love drama and for letting me see that drama is so much fun!!!



The other day i wanted to get something to eat and some ice cream. Well I couldnt find a place where they sold some ice cream and food that was really good untill I discovered this place.....

I wanted a place where my friends and I could all sit together


Sushi anyone???

Alright this is an Oklahoma Sea Food Dinner (aka Rednecks) it contains;

-Hot Dogs shaped as Octopuses

-Green Beans

-Mac & Cheese

So if you dont like sea food, I incourage you to try the Oklahoma way. Or you can try my way.... its mm good!!


Happy Fathers Day

My daddy is my daddy! He is the one that I can turn to when I need comfort from a stressful day. My daddy is:

my hero, my first date, and my best friend! I luv my
daddy soooo much and appreciate him too. I thank God for my daddy. In hard times, he's always there. He finds fun when its a boring day! Daddy your the Best in the WHOLE world!! I luv you!! Happy Fathers Day to the best daddy in the world!!



So ok I am really excited because I got my PERMIT today finally!!!! After two trys I passed!!! Its alittle embarassing but its the truth. So this little post is VERY exciting to me!!! So to all you folks yet to take the wonderful driving test one tip; STUDY,STUDY,STUDY!!! It really works lol


Friday 2008

Well on Friday evening myself, Lorrena,and Ayla went with my darling big sissy Angel and her friend Joey downtown to Jessica Peltons shop. The reason for this journey was my dear sister wanted her hair permed. So we waited FOREVER for her hair to get done!! We even played Monopoly that Daniel had brought over while we waited.

Then finally its done about 12ish in the morning, and Joey still wanted a hair cut! So we waited even longer!!! Jessica had to first wash his hair. Finally about 1ish we left homeward bound!! So here are some pix enjoy...