Happy Halloween

Today is Friday the 30th the day before Halloween!!! Today is also going to be a GREAT day cause I have two dear friends that are arriving in Elk Grove this afternoon!!!!! Also tonight is our annual TRGYC Rocktober fest at a secret location!!!! Im excited for tonight and for this weekend! ;) So thats all for my little updated post!!!!

P.S. See all you tonight!!!!

3 know it all's:

Courtney said...

tammi! i miss you too =D btw on your about me thing it said you were 17 when really you about to be 19!! wow crazyyy well i cant wait to see you in about 3 months!!

LeNai said...

Oh haha I guess I should change that huh!!!! Lol omw I know I'm so excited to see my buds again!!! Like how's everything in Germany?

chewbekah said...

Hey Tam. THis is my new blog...............................hahaa cant wait to see you :D