Fog Willow

This is Nate and Preston playin a few songs on their gutiars.

This is Stephers singing

James and James singing "Me and God"

Heres some pix.....

I know its past but......... Fog Willow was a very relaxful event. VERY hot in the day, but by about 5:30 it started to cool down!! (Thank God) I had a good time just ppl watching!! lol We all dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls to fit the theme. There was singing, signs of praise, drama, and just clean fun!!! Sooooooo....... to all of you that did not attend, go next year!!!! Well thats all for now more pix and video to come.......


My Bestest Friends!!!!

Me and my two bestest friends!!!(although lex looks beastly)
us with my sis angel
Sarah and IUs in Disney
Lex, Farah, and I camping Disney again
and again
ummm embarrasing!!!!

Well, I have the two most bestfriends in the whole world!!!!! Their names are Lexi and Sarah!!!!! For the past couple of months we have hung out practically like every day!! We went from Disneyland, all the way down to camping.

Sarah left us:( .....sniff for Missori for them country folks!
I miss you Sawah!!!!

For side pix

Ok this is for you Steph!!

This is for Lexi!!!

You cant see this one from the side, so here is my 5th and 6th grade class



This is me singing Ave Maria. It was kinda embarrassing, and i didn't want to cry so I looked at my paper THE whole time!!! lol

This Video is Angel and I in the Hamster Ball!!!! My hair was caught on Angels button, and we were just tumbling!! lol Then its Jordan after us.


Well I'm back from Ohio!! It was a sad situation why we went, but in all it was a good trip. My family and I all stayed at my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bills house, along with my cousin Ty, my Aunt Linda's boys Jimmy and Tommy, plus their girlfriends Franchesca and Ashley. When we got there on Thursday evening in Akron, Ohio, we rented a really nice car. Then we hurried to the viewing where all the family was. When we go there, there was tons of ppl! We immediately found our family.(which wasn't hard to find) We stayed there a while, then everyone left to my Aunt Di's house for food and fellowship. We went back the next day and did the same.

Saturday was the day of the funeral. There were alot of ppl that had come!!! The way our family did it was, we the grand kids all 30 of us walked with the casket, while all the boy cousins were in front of us carrying the casket. Behind us were the 7 great grand kids and all 8 of grandmas kids. Each of us had a rose that we kept with us till the burial. Well during the ceremony, my Aunts and Uncles all got up and spoke about their mom, and I "me" got asked to sing "Ave Maria" to my grandma because it was one of her favorite songs. I guess it turned out ok. Well after we had her service, all of the 8 kids got to ride in two convertibles to the burying of grandma.

When we got to the grave yard to my papa and grandma's grave, we had another mini service, then starting with her kids by age layed their flowers on her casket then the grand kids and the great grand kids did the same. It was a weird feeling knowing that when we come the next time, we wouldn't smell grandmas delicious basta or her famous cookies baking in the oven. I stood there thinking of all this and found myself crying while looking at her beautiful casket. I looked over at my cousin Ty, and saw he was doing the same, but then he did something I will never forget!!! He stood at attention and said, "Grandma, this is for you" and solluted! Then turned to papa's grave and did the same, and turned to walk away and found himself in the arms of his mom. Right there I broke down and sobbed in Angels arms.

After our goodbyes at the cemetery, we went back to the church and ate, talked about grandma and how she had impacted all of our lives. We left the church about 2hrs later and we all joined at my Aunt Linda's house where the kids swam, we ate smores, sat around the fire, played, etc...

On Monday we (all the family) went to a place simaler to "Some Place Fun," (but was more for gymnastics then inflatiables) where we supprised Vince for his birthday. Which is owned by my grandpas sister. We had a BLAST!!!! Then some of the cousins had to leave, so we said goodbye and continued to play. There is this big ball thing that you blow up and are able to get into it and run around like a hamster. It was so much fun!!! Well we all have to say our goodbyes sometime, so Angel and I were going with my Aunt and Uncle in there Mustang convertible!!!!! So we left and got to the house and chilled till my parents got there. Then my aunt wanted to watch The Phantom of the Opera, so we watched that and then she wanted to see me in my grandmothers wedding dress. So, I tryed it on and my aunt was so excited to see me in it because for one, I was the first grand kid to put it on, and she wanted to picture what my grandma would of looked like in it.

Tuesday is the day we were supposed to come home, but we missed our flight by 10 mins, so we came home Wed morning!!! Well, we would of made it but we wanted to say goodbye to grandma one last time. Oh I forgot to mention, the whole time we were there it rained!!!! So when we got to the cemetery, it was over cast and cold. But the thing that still amazes everyone that goes is all of the sudden the sun came out and shined all around us!!! But the moment we all get in our cars, it clouds up again. We dont understand why it does that, but we just knoe it happens!!!!

Well here are some pix from our little trip!!!
Our Family

Jimmy and Ashley
Sarah and Tony
Buds for life Angel and Ty
Aunt Michelle and Uncle Micheal

Us kidsBuds!! Vince, Luke, Chris, Jordan, and Austin

Lombardo bench
Grandmas flowers

Twins jk Dad and Aunt Linda Me in grandmas Wedding dress Tum stone
Our Convertible
The sky when we got to the cemetery
Vince blowing his candles out My dad, his friend Jeff, Jordan, Uncle Richy hidding, and Vince
Dad and Uncle Micheal
Mom and my cousin Libby
Ayla and Libby

Ty Ayla, me, and Mikey
Little Cameron aka Cammy
Mandi and Aunt Michelle
Angel and Grandpas sister

Dad and Vince at the falls Mom at the falls Uncle Billy and Little Tyler
Mandi and Vince
The boy cousins carrying grandma Grandmas volt
Uncle Kevin at Chloe's grave
Some of the cousins
Mom and Cammy
Tj and Alisha Tommy and Franchesca
Little Tyler and my Cousin Kelly
Little Kevin and Luke
Mikey stuck in a little chair
Me and Mikey
Mandi and I
Mandi, Angel, and Alisha
Kevin kissing my cheek
Angel and I in the Mustang