Hawaii Here We Come!

I am SOOOO stinkin excited!!!!!! On October 19-24 we will be on the Island Beaches of Honolulu!!!!! We will be seeing Parol Harbor, going Parasailing, hourseback riding, snorkaling, going to a luau, etc.... Its going to be a total BLAST!!!!! I will make sure there are TONS of pics takin so all my viewers will be able to enjoy them along with me!!!!! So until I post again...


Last Weekend.......

Well folks, I dont know about you but I have had a Very busy weekend!!!! First of all, I graduated with honors at the Rock Church!!!!! YEAH =) Congrats to.....Brianna, Jesse, Anthony, Sammy, David, Alyssa, Franklin, Cameron, Sarah, ME, Mercedes, Damon, Jessica(which silently graduated) and Boston!!!!!

Also, my Marmy (my biological mom) came down a few days early to spend some quality time with my sisters and I.
On Saturday we went to tons of places!!! One of which is called "Squeeze Inn." I had never even heard of this "Squeeze Inn" place before till my mom had called and told us about it. (my mom which lives in Oregon lol) They said that it has HUGE Burgers, and like heartache pound cheese flowing out of the bun!!! (Sound good?) So we went to check this place out!!!! When we had got there and saw their Burgers......I was like "they are sure big!!!!" I couldn't even put my mouth around the cheese to take a bite!!!!!! lol
Then we decided to just sit outside because it was a fine day, when the waitress had quickly took our drink order and brought it out to us that's when it happened......my dearest mother had spilt her milkshake on her lap and all over the ground!!!!!!!
After our little "Squeeze Inn" adventure my mom needed a new pair of clothes cause I was not going anywhere with her looking like a giant milkshake had exploded on her!!!! So we headed over to Targets Clearance center. lol
We came out $90 poorer!!!! lol
Then we headed down town to the famous...Old Sac for some more shopping!!!!
Well to make a enormous story short... lets say my mom spent alot of money this weekend!!!!! shhhh my step-dad doesn't know!!!! LOL
We also heading over to the K Street Mall and I for the first time ever I got my eyebrows threaded!!!! (from the bottom of my heart I will confess....I think waxing is better)
So, that's my LONG weekend summed up in a nutshell!!!! Here are so pics from our excursion! ENJOY.......
Our Graduating Class of 2009!!!!!
My FAVORITE Bishop and Bishops Wife!!!!!
The Bestest Pastor in Town!!!!!
Me and some AWESOME ppl
Grad Buds!!!!
My Incredible parents and I
Angel, marmy, and me
ME and some of my fellow Grads!!!!
The little Sqeeze Inn on Florin Rd
Our "small" appetite burger
Marmy's first bite challange
and of course... ME
Cant forget dear Dr. Sues
Our own Mrs. Elle-phant
Wiener Snitchel anyone?
Ahhhhhh someone help the shark is attacking!!!!!
Just starting the eyebrow threading!!!!!!



I can officially say that I have completed 14yrs of LONG school days!!!!! (including pre-school and kindergarden) So to all my fellow friends that havent finnished yet, I just wanted to share something with you..... Its not as long as you think!!!!!! lol

So here are some of my sr. pix..........