So, this passed weekend Leigh, Austin, Vince, Lexi, Danae, and I went to Bakersfield. We surprised a ton of ppl cause we had told them that we werent able to come due to the fact we didn't have a car that would make it, and everyone dropping out at the last min etc..... But it all worked out and we were able to go and we had a total BLAST and were able to take took some pics (that are at the bottom) lol
Well....enjoy!!! =)


In Revival Time!!!!

"Let the Lions Roar...."
-Bro Cody Marks

WOO HOO!!!!!!

I am now an official CA driver!!!!!!! I passed my license test this morning at like 9:30!!!!!! The funny thing was one of my school buddies (Emma) was at the DMV office too!!!! We both were there taking our tests and we had no idea we were coming on the same day!!!! So we took our tests, both passed, and then we took pics with our license paper lol!!!!!