Wow alot has gone on since I last updated!!!! Well lets see, Thanksgiving was soo good!!! My parents made an awesome dinner!!! Hmmmmm then we went ice skating down in San Francisco with some new friends that we met in Oakland. We had an incredible Christmas service with Bishop Young down in Oakland, Ca. After that was CHRISTMAS!!!!!! One of my favorite times of the year!! We had a very relaxing Christmas and thanksgiving we shared with family and friends!!! Then for new yrs Lexi, Gabby, Ashley, Brittany, Whitney, myself, and our own Mother Goose (aka Sheila Haddox) went to a youth conference in Bakersfield, Ca called 2:38 Connection!!!! Let me tell you, it was an incredible experience!!! Bro Joel Buxton and Bro Wade Bass preached some omw just awesome messages!!!!!!! I am encouraging everyone that can to attend next yrs 2:38 conference its a total life changing experience not only the services but the fellowship of meeting new ppl from different churches!! Well also with going to the conference I did get to see my friends and had fun with them also!! On sat we were invited to Bro and Sis Frosts house for lunch and just to have some fun before the long trip home. We had a total blast lets just say that......here are some pics and a video
Brayden and Bro Frost

Our Group Pic

Whit being crazy

Awe Lexi.....

Laughing at Whit

Our host lol Sis Frost and Whit
Areamy, Whit, and Savanah
Another Group Pic
Hehe Pillow Fight anyone??
The starting of the fight!!!
hehe so much fun!!!!!
Ok so this is our dear sweet Whit beating up Brayden with a pillow!!!! haha

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