Well can you believe it's already Easter time again? I luv Easter because it's a candy eatin time of year besides holloween. Well I have a little Easter trivia for all my veiwers.....How many eggs can a rabbit lay at Easter?



I know I just posted yesterday but....Idc lol Well most of you know I went to Oregon to visit my mom this past week, and while I was there I wanted it to snow really bad cause its been so long since I had even seen snow so I said to my mom, "OMW mom, I hope it snows while I'm here enough that I could make a snowman, a snowangel, and have a snow ball fight!" Well....it worked!!!! Here are some pics I took from that snowy sunday on March 22,2009..........

Mom's backyard while snowing!!!!
Yes this is snow!!!!=)
Yeah!!!!!! It's my foot prints lol
Saige's snowangel
My snowangel (I look really tall)
Mrs. Frosty almost done
Presenting.....Mrs. Frosty
Sad sight.... she is melting=(

The last of Mrs Frosty *tear*
Sorry no snowball fight pics, but just to let you know......we did have one I mean saige and I did!!!!!! (and I couldnt muliti task that much lol)

Amazing Mothers


April Fools

Ok so I know everyone got fooled yesterday!!! Well I know that my sister sure did!=) LOL So let me tell ya what happen.......
So Ayla and Angel were out getting stuff ready for the wedding (that is rapidly approaching), and after they were done, they went back to angels house to kinda relax and just have some sister time. Daniel and Vince thought of a "funny" April fools joke to pull on Ayla! So what they did is they got the extra keys from my dad to her car, and moved it and even honked as they drove by!!! Then came back to the house and just waited!!!

Well like an hour and a half later my dad text her to tell her to come home. Well Ayla not knowing her car wasn't there walked outside to leave, when she made the discovery that her car wasn't where she parked it earlier!!!!! So my dad got a call from her stating that someone took her car!! My dad(trying not to laugh) asked her if she heard anything or heard a car start! She was like NO!!
-In the other room we were laughing trying not to let her hear us-
Well to make a long "funny" story short....my bro (chris)and I went down to her house only to find Ayla looking like she was crying!!! Well me (who can't keep a straight face) walked in with a HUGE grin on my face and trying not to burst out laughing said, "OMW what happened? LOL when Daniel and Vince walked in and said, "your car is back" Ayla got up and walked out of the house looking really mad!!
So all is well now, she laughs about it LOL
So, if you have any "funny" April fools jokes I would luv to laugh with you LOL