(us on our way there...5hrs ahhhhhhhh)

Ok, so Angel, Ayla, Joey, and I went on a little journey to Klamath Falls OR, to see my mommy for thanksgiving!!!! The weather was......COLD, but nice!! It was about 40 or so degrees in the day, and got to be about 20 or lower at night!!!!!

We got there on Wednesday morning about 11, then we all changed and got in the car and drove into town to drop my mom off at work. after that we went and picked up Ayla's brother "Victor" and ate lunch, went shopping for thanksgiving, and just hung out!!!!!

Then on Thursday "Thanksgiving" my dad cooked a scrumptious feast were we ate fillingly! lol After we decided to go on a nice walk in the fresh air of OR. But......one of our members wernt used to walking the great hills of Keno (thats the little town my mom lives in) so they complained the whole entire time!!!!!

Friday, hmmmmm lets see... oh ya we went to a ladies house that is in my moms church, and we ate desserts and fellowshiped with them. Then went to see one of my "used to be" best friends when I had lived there. Her name is Breanna, she is 5 days older than me, she's short, and is skinny. We have alot in common!!! lol But she wants to come for christmas break and go Ice skating and "real" shopping!!!!!! ne who's.....

Finally Saturday, we load up, eat breakfast, say our goodbyes, and "sniff, sniff" leave homewardbound!!!!!

Well, hope ya'll had a wonderfull Thanksgiving!!!!! Tell me about yours........




Ok, so I just came back from visiting a friend in Pismo Beach. Becky Holmes and I left Saturday morning about 5:15. Well, we kinda ran into some problems right away!!!! First, when we got on the freeway, it was so foggy that we barley could see the front of our car!!!! Then, some weird California drivers almost ran us off the road!!! (It was really scary!!!!!!)

Well, after 5 long hours, we finally made it!!!!!!!! The weather was perfect, (taking when we left that morning from Sac it was only 30 degrees outside!!) it was about 70 or so. The only bad thing about that was.....I had a sweatshirt and boots on!!!!! IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!! lol
My friend Catalina and her mom picked me up, and went to San Luis Obisbo (or however you spell it) and we ate at this place called, "Fire Stone." It was good. After, we ate, we went to her house and I changed (cause ummm ya....) lol, hen Cat and I went to her play practice at the church. It was really funny!!!!!!
Ne ways, after the play practice Shanie, Catalina, and I went shopping at the outlets and let me tell ya.........they had some good deals!!!!!!
After all our shopping was done, Becky, Cats mom, Cat, and I went to this yummy Italian restaurant and got really full!!!!! Then we went and got things to make Becky's famous "Carmel Cake" for there church baked auction thing.
Well needless to say, I fell asleep!!!! lol It was 10pm and I still hadn't slept.

So, Sunday morning I awoke at 9:30, got dressed and went to Sunday school!!! It felt really weird, cause I haven't been to Sunday school in like 3 or so yrs!!!! After Sunday school, we all went into the church for some good o'l fashion preaching!!!!! After Bro. "Elder" Domingus preached, we went and ate at chili's, took some pics, then went and met Becky at Taco Bell so we could make our "long" journey home.
Well, to make a long story short.... we planned on making being to the church around 7:30-8, but... that didn't work out!!!!! lol We ended up going like 30 or so mins out of our way!!!!! We were heading towards LA instead of Sacramonto. We were frantic cause there was no exits for a LONG time! So we prayed for an exit, and what do you know a sign appeared!!!! It said, "Mercy Springs Road" we were so happy!!!! So we finally got back on track, and our troubles started again!!! We almost ran out of gas on the freeway! But we made it to a gas station, filled up, and made it to the church...but church was over!!!

So, that was my fun little journey this weekend, Oregon's next weekend!!!!

(p.s. I'll post some pix in a few days........maybe)


This is one of the forwards I got yesterday!

A Girl asked a Boy: -Do you think i'm pretty? He said NO.... -Do you want to be with me forever? -He said NO... Would you cry if i left? -Once again He replied with a NO. She had heard enough; As she walked away tears ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm and said: -You're not pretty you're BEAUTIFUL. I don't want to be with you forever. I NEED to be with you forever. And i wouldn't cry if you left..... i would DIE.


Me and Sarah

This is Sarah and I after church!

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This is CRAZY!!!!!!

This is SOO stinkin cool!

Omw i so did this from my phone!
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